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She's posted about it a few times. Sadly it won't damage her "Youtube Career" bc for some reason Shoe is still likable, but then again most of her fans are around the age ofso they're impressionable kids. Big black bbw booty pics. Brittany venti nude pics. Especially if you did it in a different way than Brittney does. Harvard has kicked people for stupid shit being posted on Twitter.

Thanks for the link. It's probably more of laughing with June thing instead of a Sleepy Cabin reference. PNG no wonder she gets so upset when ppl call troons men. His bed is just a matress on a floor, and it's been like that for years because he's too lazy or cheap probably saves all his money for toys to get a new bed frame.

I saw it iirc. Another feature she is well known for is her intentional poor grammatical skills and inability to speak good English, saying things like ' grand theft auto the fifth' or the infamous 'league of leggings'.

If so, i wonder what shuwu will say about it. Is suze orman lesbian. She's just pushing it so people will see her as smol and kyoot like a lil gurl. It's interesting that she's apparently enjoying being offline, yet is monitoring her discord to find the mole. Pretty sure it was in response to June saying Magdalen sucks though. Brittany Venti Uploaded by Pamiro. I know June might try to play the whole scarf girl story as "that was long time ago, i changed uwu" and yes, a lot of people did something in high school that they regret…BUT June didn't change.

Or are those more examples of her hypocrisy rather than outright lies? Brittany Venti is a video game streamer of American origin, known for the consistent raids on her stream. On the day she uploaded, I saw she had like 16, views. Raiders would find ways to inflict the most damage with said video, usually putting the catch-line somewhere after an anime song.

Ask if she was ever attracted to women and her opinion of fat people to Rob, Brittany. Stop being a moron. Brittany make a video exposing him of paying someone to hit another person in like or something, around the time she was also feuding with Anisa.

Also my question is do you think she was really pretending to like him as it says on the ED screencap? How did everyone react to that? PNG she was bragging on twitter in like july of about her responses to ppl accurately calling her and the marshmallow-man out. Like, shoe should be the last person she should be defending tbqh.

So if he doesn't know what lolcow is why is he so sure that the site wasn't lolcow? I expect less from internet men, generally, and esp ones that frequent shit like ED. Free mobile sex story. I didn't know I wanted an uwudings font until now, though. Any FB leaks about that.? I'm not a June fan, I just think this is just as bad as her or worse. That photo used to be on her instagram but she deleted it along with all of her other Gmaster-era photos. There are threads about him on other sites if you want to take a look at those.

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I think she also talks about "ugly bitches" or something using snapchat filters. Sex with rich women. Onion and Lame are very similar to Preg and Shuwu after all. Brittany venti nude pics. I hope June isn't too sad about that. I'll also rewrite the Armored Spastic article soon. Would Shreg leave and would Junkey be humbled? Ik plenty of anons have seen most of her exceptionally bad vlogs but, its part of the recent orbiter debate that she was just "faking" a persona.

There have been others who have debunked some of her videos on yt like garrett, but even they have to summarise because she just goes on and on and yeah it sounds like torture having to wade through her excessive crap.

It's even more annoying shoe tries to push him as having "some muscle" bitch, where? That would be perfect karma for his lies and cheating. Anon you must have really hurt shuwu's feelings. I'd start on it but I'm at work. I can't imagine what it must be like in a relationship full of so many lies to make yourself look good to your partner. Tumblr anal beads. No one's buying it. What a lie, both her being a virgin and the story June, you were a thot and now you're trying to redeem yourself and claim other thotty women are meen to you.

That's the milk I need. They seem to have a very high opinion of Brittany and see her as an incredibly competent person.

But they dunk on TERFs. This is becoming so much like Gerg and Laim. Boring stuff going on in discord. Is this channel hers? Does he know anything about her unichan days? And I only know she talks to June because June is always tweeting her and so far up her and Dankula's ass as if anything she's ever done compares to what he is actually trying to do.

Most people who are bullied develop some kind of empathy for others and wouldn't want to put that on anyone else. I hope Scarf Girl is out there somewhere watching the Brittany video, it'd be sweet justice. You can go ahead and read it. Gia genevieve naked. Did she ever do anything two faced, and if so what kinds of two faced things did she do? A lot of them are saying she's being bullied. Is she Amy Schumer? Now people on twitter have to share this. These people are delusional and probably projecting tbh. She had a boyfriend?

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Doesn't she realize she owes her fans an explanation? That or she really doesn't care which could also be a possibility. Some of her orbiters are handwaving the video because it's filled with old information. I'm praying Brittany makes a part 2 or farmers decide to publish a video. It's probably better to do it over a period of time so she can't hide or ignore it. Personally, I like Britt because atleast she owns her shit.

Even without that, it's very easy to see that's she's a LOUD, extroverted person. In this bideo super shy wallflower shuwu videos while driving, films herself in a store while strangers pass by, makes more fat girl jokes, comments on seeing a "SUPER HOT" guy and wishes she got him on camera.

But dude is giving a lot of bs otherwise. This just seems like a cringeworthy attempt to snipe Shoe's alt right fans and dethrone her to have the male attention for herself.

I know June might try to play the whole scarf girl story as "that was long time ago, i changed uwu" and yes, a lot of people did something in high school that they regret…BUT June didn't change. Is Shuwu ever going to have to take responsibility for anything?

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In reality she was a bully who picked on people who are exactly like the fans she panders to. Backpage biloxi escort. Plus, the age restricted Brittany's vid so a lot of people wont see it in suggested.

He will gladly opening talk online about every part of his disgusting sex life which his child will go online and read one day but never ever speaks about his child. Why didn't she just pander to them from the safe distance? Ends it with sticking her head out the car window and yelling. It's what he deserves though because he's a cheater and probably also lied to her. PNG i hope you ladies havent eaten too recently.

Brittany should focus on highlighting all of the stuff that would piss leftists off because it is clear that they are the only ones left deluded by Shoe. Brittany venti nude pics. Milf and cream Trying to play catch up here. Uwu windings would be amazing.

Does he know anything about her unichan days? Some of them did get to meet her at Vidcon too and experience her personality first-hand so who knows… I think June would be overjoyed if they came to her defense…It would validate her retarded uwu smol persona more.

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