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Agree 2 Disagree Quantic Dream have balls.

Adult Written by joshua martinez April 28, Tennmuerti Follow Forum Posts: Video games are no strangers to nuditybut they're harshly rated for even the slightest inclusion.

Last time I checked. Those poeple are idiots to think that a Sarah Palin look alike game character can be a "wet dream" to someone who's balls havent even dropped! Sarcasm d ago Perfect bewbs. Apollo nida nude. What if they were half naked? The most disturbing violence includes a boy and a woman separately getting drowned. Besides, this is the Internet. Heavy rain nude scene. Agree 13 Disagree 2. The more I am watching this game trailer, I see this game resemble of Sammue or Shamue for Dreamcast.

This is just my opinion. Or was it R1 and L1? ScoobyDrew d ago oh gawd its gonna be mass effect all over again A French website leaked over 6 minutes of what appears to be actual gameplay footage from Heavy Rainincluding female Madison Paige taking a shower and peeing. That would be awesome. Two girls fucking together. Third time, only remove one piece of clothing.

Ethan also injures himself multiple times we see violent wounds after a car accident and again later when he crawls over glass. How far into the game is the female nudity? BYE d ago - No soap, just water - Same underwear she wore before the shower - She "goes" after the shower What a dirty girl!

Sexual content makes it very mature. What's really sad isn't the glitch, it's the reaction to it. Parent of a 14 year old Written by Hanna December 25, Voice acting was not very impressive, but given the way the scene played out I doubt the english voice actor will be able to do much better. I don't think anyone is I'm not judging you: BldyShdw d ago "Young Juice" is my kryptonite On topic: Agree 5 Disagree 0. The least thing they could have done was have her use soap and put on clean underwear.

I took french for 3 years in high school and it sounds fine to me. I think if we started treating them in a more adult manner ourselves.

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However, someone is strapped to a table, with a drill about to go into their hoo ha. I agree with you. Sexy naked anime girls with big boobs. Agree 8 Disagree 1. The rest of the nudiy can be avoided without problems.

But hey, people can't take the blame for themselves in my opinion. Those are really well-modelled tits. The woman's shower scene is optional, the sex scene is optional, and the scene where the woman is being forced to strip can be passed without getting nude.

Lame, oh yeah that's right they're pandering to 13 year olds. Heavy rain nude scene. The shower scene in Heavy Rain is the greater of the two nude scenes. The game is great but it's not for anyone under Are we really going there. Korean sexy girl tumblr. You can't even win on your own game. So if you're about to fight the boss, you'll find a Johnny on the spot, a small washroom, etc, and go take a dump and thats how you save your game.

IrishAssa d ago Did no one see that?

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It's a beautiflly done story about testing how far youll go to save someone you love. BldyShdw d ago Edited d ago Bad voice acting? Agree 0 Disagree 1. Arnon d ago Edited d ago Except anyone with common knowledge in self defense could defend themselves from a knife.

Agree 2 Disagree 0. All nudity except for Ethan's showering scene can be avoided. Sure, starring Halle Berry if you like. This is just my opinion. Lea michele nude on broadway. The tension and drama is definitely there. It stole my heart and I believe that it was made solely with me in mind. Adult Written by Mr. Agree 4 Disagree 5. The footage hosted at Jeuxvideo shows more of how the game is played than the recently leaked video of the opening sequence.

I was gonna ask that too The basic mechanic of the game is identical to Shammue. You can watch the NSFW video yourself, here. Rush d ago Awww poor you bet your really disappointed now xD Agree 3 Disagree 0. Shower cutscenes may depict a male character's bare butt; if players control the female character, her breasts and buttocks are also briefly visible.

I'm sure you probably can make her wash her hands. The more I am watching this game trailer, I see this game resemble of Sammue or Shamue for Dreamcast. What chapters contain nudity in Heavy Rain and Beyond two souls? If I had a PS3 I would get this game. Being vague to avoid spoilers. This game does have an overall good message though about seeing how far you would go to save someone you love.

Third time, only remove one piece of clothing. Because Heavy Rain features no actual gameplay, therefore eliminating most of it's potential buyers, the most it has a chance of being is "the little game that could. I really need to pick this one up as soon as I get the chance. Sexual content makes it very mature. Maddens Raiders d ago doing well must be driving you crazy homicide i know, rhetorical.

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Blaze d ago disregard this comment Pressing up or down by the clothes hanging on a chair will make Madison put on or take off said clothes, for example. The story is too old to be commented. Toccara jones topless. The sex can be avoided as well simply by not letting two of the characters kiss when given the option. I really hope nobody finds the naked model for Ethan. The fight feels tense and, beyond being um, titillated, by the visuals, I'm impressed at how well the action is portrayed in this cinematic game.

Like if you aren't careful while pulling up her panties with the motion controls you could give her major camel toe. They signed the same paperwork as H. Big huge tit pic KidMakeshift d ago Edited d ago How awesome would it have been if she took a piss while standing Also, I think there should be a mini game when she's putting on her clothes.

However, if you feel that your child is immature i wouldn't recommend this game. I still can't take video game nudity seriously, not even with this game's amazing realism and graphic quality. Heavy rain nude scene. It looks like the player controls Madison's actions and can move about her apartment at will. Agree 0 Disagree 0.

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